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Protecting You from Wire Fraud
Wire Fraud is a real thing...

1-450 Transactions

Real estate transactions will report a wire fraud loss. If we can't keep our clients sagfe, who will?

PCT Safewire exists to ensure every real estate transaction
is free from wire fraud.

According to the FBI, approximately 1 in every 450 real estate transactions has associated fraud reported. It cost consumers and businesses over $221 million in 2019. What if it happened to you?

What would happen to your family if you lost your life savings during the largest financial transaction of your life? What if it happened to your client, your friend, your neighbor, or your parent? Using SafeWire creates peace of mind that you, your clients and your family can close safely, free from wire fraud.

SafeWire is a software, free to real estate brokers and agents, that digitally authenticates buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. SafeWire uses sophisticated multi authentication technology to eliminate unsecured emails within transactions and deliver financial information safely, timely and efficiently. Since 2018, SafeWire has successfully authenticated over 50,000 transactions.


Unsafe Transactions

Courts have found real estate agents up to 85% personally liable if and when wire fraud happens.

91 % of wire fraud happens through email phishing scams.

Keeping you informed...

What is Wire Fraud?

A little insight into this growing problem.

PCT Safewire exists to ensure every real estate transaction
is free from wire fraud.

Wire fraud typically involves a hacker gaining access to an email account and posing as a trusted party involved in your real estate transaction. This could be someone pretending to be your real estate agent, loan officer, title agent, or even an attorney. Once the hacker has access to a trusted email account, the hacker sends an email from that account or from a similar account that looks “almost” the same as one of the parties in the transaction – with information related to your transaction, including wire instructions for your closing funds. If you react to that email, your funds are sent to an account controlled by the hacker in some manner.

Once receipt of the money is confirmed, the hacker immediately withdrawals your funds from that account using multiple transfers to accounts normally outside the United States. Once these transfers occur, the likelihood of recovery is small, if at all.

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How PCT Safewire Works

That's It!

You and your clients are protected by PCT Safewire assurance. Below is a video of how the process will go:

Confirming Your Identity

The video below will show you the step by step process that you need to take once you receive your invite from PCT+Safewire:

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Webinar Recording

What is PCT Safwire?

A live webinar that helped answer specific questions.

PCT Safewire exists to ensure every real estate transaction
is free from wire fraud.

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Main Features


Protects You
  • Safewire Assurance is a $1 Million Dollar warranty paid for during closing. It gives the seller peace of mind that their largest investment closes safely.


Protects You
  • 91% of fraud happens via email phishing scams. Email is unsafe. Safewire eliminates unsecured data from clients to title companies and agents.


To Use
Protects You
  • Safewire is FREE for brokers and real estate agents to use. This is something you want to use on
    every transaction.

Stand Out and Stay Safe!

Safewire authencticates ans securely delivers your clients information to your trusted title parnters.

Safewire is the market differentiator you need to stand our and stay safe on all of your listings!

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Safewire FAQ's

What is SafeWire?

SafeWire is software that we use to verify the identity of the buyer, seller or borrower. It allows us to securely transmit wiring instructions.

What is SafeWire Assurance?

SafeWire Assurance starts at the time of listing in order to stop wire fraud before the fraudsters have an opportunity to attack. It is also a warranty to protect the borrower/seller’s proceeds up to $1M dollars. The cost is 50¢/$1,000. On a $400,000 listing or loan, it would cost $200 and would be paid in closing.

How does wire fraud happen?

Agents and lenders are not required by the industry to have secured email settings such as 2 factor authentication and as a result they are primary targets for fraudsters.

Agents - Searching for emails on new listings is the easiest way for a fraudster to find a new potential deal to intercept. They send a phishing email to the agent, the agent falls for it, and the hacker is in their email.

Lenders - Their emails are readily available as well, and they are likely working on a few loans at any given time. The fraudsters wait for cash out refinances and intercept.

In both cases, the process is simple. They get into the email account, watch to see who is involved in the transaction, create forwarding rules for each contact involved to “hide” all future emails from them, they correspond with the contacts going forward and eventually send the fake wiring instructions.

How do SafeWire and SafeWire Assurance work?

SafeWire - The consumer will receive a link and follow the easy to use instructions.

SafeWire Assurance - The agent will present it at the time of listing, typically right after the Wire Fraud Disclosure. If the seller selects SafeWire Assurance, the agent will receive a text and then enter the seller’s email and phone number. An email from SafeWire will be sent to the client and allow them to select SafeWire Assurance.


The lender will offer it to their borrower who is getting a cash out refinance at the time they submit the 1003. We will send the borrower the email that will bring them to SafeWire and allow them to select SafeWire Assurance.